“Hippie Stixx Co. has launched but the big question is NOW WHAT…”


We are, as Female Owned, Black Owned Cannabis Accessories brand are excited about what the future holds for not only our brand, Hippie Stixx; but what it holds for our customers and female Cannabis Enthusiasts all over the world. Our mission from the get-go has been to disrupt the Cannabis Accessories Marketplace, in a way that specifically caters to the Female Smoke Enthusiast, to excite, entice and empower. Further, our mission is to provide a lifestyle brand that is a comfort zone, safe space, and inviting pocket, in which our customers may dwell, offering top of the line, eco friendly products and heightened Cannabis Smoke Experiences.

It has been a liberating roller coaster ride, to say the least, considering all that comes with launching a new brand, but truly has all been quite positive. As we have set out on our journey to truly define our place as Female Cannabis Enthusiasts, in a newly evolving lifestyle, we have already been working on accomplishing our Mission, here at Hippie Stixx Co.. Through our blog, thru offering extensive product knowledge on our Cannabis Smoke Accessories Line, to providing Inspiration thru on Social Channels, to our continuous research to meet the needs of our customers, we have grown a great deal already. Not just selling high quality, luxury Cannabis Accessories, but connecting directly with our Hippie Chics, to hear your insights, feedback, stories and needs has shown that we are on the right mission, after all. Since our launch, in just this short time, we have confirmed that there is a true need for our products, but there is also a need for us to lend ourselves to helping shaping and defining Cannabis Lifestyle and Cannabis Culture, but also our place within both.

We are powerful. We are free spirited. We rock to the tune of our own drum, and that is totally OK. Mainstream culture and mainstream Market places are ready to receive us. Yet the question remains, what are we at Hippie Stixx Co. ready to do for the culture? Since launching, we have touched a handful of local Pop-Up Shops, including our own Official Launch, @ the 2nd Annual “420 Stoner Feast,” a Mother’s Day Sip & Shop Pop Up, a “Walk on Water Fashion Show Event & Pop Up, making it inevitable that we get out in the streets and connect with our Cannabis Queens and Hippie Chics directly. Out of the gate, we understand the importance of bringing our Brand to you. We understand the need to prove ourselves to our customers. We understand that there is a need to consistently be researching current trends and improving Product Line development, to ensure we are offering only top-quality Rolling Papers, Pre-Roll Cones, and assorted Smoke Accessories, including our wide array of Grinders, our selection of Smoke Pipes, Filter Tips, and even our Leisurewear apparel line via our Hippie Fits collection. Hippie Stixx Co. does not only want to sell you products, but we also want to cultivate our lifestyle. To exist in this lifestyle, you appreciate the beauty that nature’s herbs and the benefits it brings to individuals. One can appreciate the satisfaction of lighting a well rolled joint, or the glee of having all your stoner essentials arrive right to you compliments of a Hippie Kits Subscription Box, or monthly kit.

So, again, we ask what does this mean for Hippie Stixx and the future? At this point, Hippie Stixx Co. is looking to aggressively approach helping to directly shape the culture of Cannabis Enthusiasts around the globe. We are committed to reaching out and connecting with as many Hippie Chics, that dwell within the 420 community, as we can, to continue to listen to your epic 420 Stories, your Cannabis preferences, your feedback on our direction, and whatever else you all must share. Hippie Stixx Co. will be at the forefront of pioneering what Cannabis Smoke Accessories looks like to the future of our Industry. We commit to using technology, and data, and product development and research to build and expand on our existing product line. Hippie Stixx Co. wants to always be in the mindset of being in front of what the latest Cannabis trends are, what are the must haves of the season are, and how we can continue to satisfy our customers. We will continue to lend ourselves to leaning into educating, enticing, and empowering our female cannabis enthusiasts.

Where does Hippie Stixx Co. see us in the near and short future? In the near future, we envision ourselves participating in even more external events and producing plenty of various upcoming events of our own. We already have several Live and Digital Event based projects we are working on, centered around connecting our Customers with our Brand and our product line. Stay tuned to our Events Page for further details. We plan to continue to roll out amazing, fun, trendy sexy Smoke Accessories within our current 5 collections:

Hippie Stixx

Hippie Trixx

Hippie Fits

Hippie Gifts

Hippie Kits

As it relates to our long-term vision, we see our brand as a Household luxury brand that offers quality and convenience to a growing niche market. We are here to disrupt the industry, as it relates to product offerings, educating our consumer base, leveraging technology, and meeting product and shipping deliverables. We want to be a leader in the Cannabis industry, but moreover, a voice and a space for our sector, which focuses on those female cannabis enthusiasts who want to belong to a community. Hippie Stixx Co. represents the many faces of a growing group that has power and influence, is keen and savvy and with it. We want to help lead that crusade of Hippie Chics into a wave the industry has not yet dreamed.

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  • Hi! I happened to see a post about the stoner feast and wanted to find out more information about it and about becoming a vendor. I love this whole concept.


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