5 Things That Hippie Stixx Co.’s New In Store Atlanta Location are bri

5 Things That Hippie Stixx Co.’s New In Store Atlanta Location are bringing to the Little 5 Points Community, in Atlanta, GA

With more and more smoke shops popping up in the Metro Atlanta area, Hippie Stixx Co. becoming another one, it’s important to know what is setting Hippie Stixx Co.’s new In Store Location apart from the rest. While it’s an exciting time for Hippie Stixx Co., we want to ensure that our Brand experience transcends offline and directly in person in a seamless way.


The Little 5 Points community is rich in Atlanta history and culture, and is a melting pot of creatives, influencers, and emerging entrepreneurs, encompassed by quaint Shops and locally owned small businesses. You can feel the rich creative energy when walking throughout the neighborhood.


That said, we’re dishing on 5 Things Hippie Stixx Co.’s New In Store Location is bringing to the Little 5 Points Community, in Metro Atlanta:


  • We are shaping and creating an opportunity for Cannabis enthusiasts to be a part of a Cannabis Lifestyle, in a safe, comfortable, and convenient way. Hippie Stixx Co. does not only sell amazing Cannabis Accessories, including our Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers, to our Apparel and Gift Sets; we deliver a Lifestyle. We help provide not just the space, but the tools to feel accepted amongst like minded Cannabis enthusiasts. Our customers want to feel a sense of belonging. We are giving them that. 

  • We are bringing a sense of education, excitement and empowerment, which is our Mission here at Hippie Stixx Co., Your Premiere Cannabis Accessories Brand. At every touch with our customers, we aim to provide a sense of all three: Education, Excitement and Empowerment. That is absolutely our mission to continue to deliver these 3 core elements of our Mission to our New In Store Location. 

  • Exclusive products that you won’t find any and everywhere. Hippie Stixx Co. has always had a deep hyper focus on cultivating a robust and diversified product line. If you want the coolest and trendiest gadgets in Cannabis Accessories, whether Pipes, Bongs, Torches, Vapes, Rolling Tray to our exclusive Hippie Fits, Leisurewear Apparel line, our in store location will have you covered. 

  • Community focused outreach, to help impact our community in a positive way. We don’t only want to do business in our community, we want to service our community, as well. 

  • Awareness to breaking the miseducation and stereotypes behind Cannabis use. We are helping to bring Cannabis use to the mainstream forefront, as we continue to stress just how NOT taboo Cannabis use is. We believe greatly in the power and capability of our physical in store location to help continue to drive that awareness. 

Whether online, or in person, our Mission undeniably remains the same. It is our mission and core approaches that set us apart from any other Smoke Shop in the area. We are excited to become a part of the Little 5 Points neighbor, and look forward to growing our Brand in this neighborhood soil, that is rich in creativity and promise. 


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