A Hippie Chic Guide to Cannabis and Sexy Time

A Hippie Chic Guide to Cannabis and Sexy Time

If you’ve ever mixed the two, it’s safe to say that cannabis and sex make for quite an intoxicating combination. For history, across the global, cultures around the world have been entangling weed and sex. Many believe, while not conclusively proven, consider Cannabis to be an aphrodisiac. For example, in an article, “A Brief History of the Use of Cannabis for Sexual Health,” it refers to Indian culture, and how in Indian Culture, Cannabis has been used for over 3000 years to “stimulate and enhance sexual experiences. In the seventh century, cannabis became known throughout Indian tantric sex practices.” (https://www.leafly.com/news/canada/global-history-of-weed-and-sex ) In another article, on HelloMD, the article speaks to how Cannabis was a part of marital practices for women in Eastern Europe. “Meanwhile, in a 1975 paper, Polish anthropologist Sula Benet noted a mixture of lamb’s fat and nasha, which is a central Asian word for hemp, was consumed by Soviet-Era Russian brides on their wedding nights to reduce pain from their first sexual encounters.” (https://www.hellomd.com/articles/cannabis-and-sex-a-brief-world-history/) Whether from historical references to personal experiences, the controversial topic of weed and sex leaves plenty to be spoken about! Much of the research is inconclusive as limited scientific research on the topic has been explored due to U.S drug policies limited by prohibition.

Many agree from personal experience that weed can impact their sex life in a positive way. Various individuals, both men and women have shared thoughts of enhanced relaxation, heightened sensitivity to touch and awareness and intensity of feelings, when including weed in a good romp. But what does it mean for women cannabis enthusiasts specifically? Some women have sworn to an increased sex drive, while other women have proclaimed to be more relaxed and ready for their partners. In a study performed by Rebecca Craft, according to another related article, “Women, Weed, and Sex: What You Need to Know,” published in Boston Magazine, a Professor of Psychology, Washington State University found that female rodents experienced about a 25 percent increase in sensitivity to the pain-relieving effects of THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) during ovulation, when their estrogen levels were rising. When the estrogen dropped and progesterone levels came up, their sensitivity to THC dropped and became similar to that of male rodents. In laments terms, what’s the finding? She concluded, “It’s well established that women experience a heightened sensitivity to pleasurable stimuli during ovulation as well.” Interesting to say the least!

Whether you agree completely with the scientific findings, or are just curious by the actual human insight and feedback, we at Hippie Stixx Co. are here to share the ins and outs of what our Cannabis Culture is saying about “Weed and Sex.” If you are going to explore all the possibilities of weed and sex, we encourage you to do so safely. Here are a few quick hippie hacks we thought we’d share when experimenting with the Cannabis and the Nookie:

•Definitely try it without the sex part first. Before diving into collaborating some good dank with a little kink, try it on your own first, and without the sex involved. This is important to be aware of your response, tolerance level and personal comfort.

•Communication is Key. Before you toke up, talk to your partner about how the feel about introducing Maryjane into the mix, during private time. Come up with a safe word, (…and try not to be so stoned that you forget it), and implement use of the safe word to pause at anytime you or your partner might feel uncomfortable and need a moment to gather.

•Make it a shared experience with your partner. Take advantage of the aphrodisiac impact of the cannabis with your partner. Share how you’re feeling as you are maneuvering through phases of your high. Be honest and open. Discuss what you enjoy and what feels goods.

•Gadgets go both ways, in this case. Not only is it worth it to explore what gadgets and devices you incorporate into your sex life, same rules to consider when deciding how you and your partner will partake, and which cannabis accessories best suit you and your partners’ preferred method of partaking. Will you and babe hit the bowl in between trysts? Or would a subtle joint before and after suit the occasion just fine?


The next time you bring a little Kush to the bedroom, keep these tips in mind. Hopefully, you’ll have your Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers or the Hippie Trixx Gravity Bong close by, to really set the mood. Certainly that session will be one to remember. Don’t forget to grab some of your favorite cannabis feel good accessories at www.hippiestixx.com.

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