Being THAT Girl at the Party - - Being Prepared for Your Next Party or

Being THAT Girl at the Party - - Being Prepared for Your Next Party or Cocktail Party

So there I was, dressed to the nines, perfect little pink cocktail dress, strappy heels, and the perfect clutch, ready for my friend, Nikki’s Dinner Party/Kickback Affair, when the moment hit me like a ton of bricks…I could not show up to the party empty handed. Its not like I hadn’t thought about this proper party etiquette gesture, earlier in the week, but I joined the procrastination train, when I couldn’t land on the perfect something to have in hand, when I arrived on Nikki’s doorstep. After all, Nikki was known to be beast at the party planning, and her shindigs are always EPIC, so I couldn’t dare show up to one of her legendary events, without the perfect gift in hand. As I had thought earlier in the week of what to bring, yet another bottle of semi expensive wine or liquor seemed redundant. Nikki’s home was filled to the nines, with cute home décor items, so that was out. And bringing a Gift Card seemed so impersonal… So what was I going to do? Errr….. hop in the car, figure it out on the way there, and stop off for something, en route. As I headed out the door, my Hippie Stixx package had been delivered, I scooped it up and headed for my car. As I backed out the driveway, I had my aha moment! I had remembered I had ordered a Hippies Stixx Rolling Paper 20 Ct. Multi Pack, and they already come packaged super cute, THAT was it. Showing up with THAT wouldn’t be just another tres blah gift! Also, Nikki was another fellow Hippie Chic. We had partaken in the festivities, on her fabulous balcony, checking out the city views, a couple of times. As I smile to myself, reflecting on our last stoner chic encounter, I’m reminded…Nikki was totally my kind of girl. Yes, the Hippie Stixx 20 Ct. Multi Pack was IT.

I made my way through the route to Nikki’s house, glad I had gotten that thought out the way, and could now enjoy myself at Nikki’s event. I pulled up to her place, grabbed the Hippie Stixx Box and sauntered to her front door. Upon ringing the doorbell, Nikki answered, and her eyes immediately trail to the box of Hippie Stixx in my hand. “Oh hey there, girl…these are for you…,” I extend. Nikki’s eyes brighten, and she responds “Oh my goodness, you look great. Thank you! I’m so glad you brought these. I just remembered, I was too busy getting everything ready for the party, that I forgot to grab something for us to enjoy this new Skywalker OG in! This is perfect! And I wont have to send anyone on a store run! You rock! Come in!”

Nikki ushers me into her place, and introduces me to the small group gathered up. “Hey guys. My girl just came super prepared and bought us a pack of Hippie Stixx, just in time!” After “Heys,” and warm welcomes, pleasant smiles, and faces of gratitude, I joined the group. And Like that, I was THAT girl at the party. I had heated things up, just on a whim, knowing that my Hippie Stixx always comeS thru for me. The party got started, the vibe turned up, the food, the festivities, and the conversation was flowing! As was the Skywalker OG. Needless to say, the party was a HIT, as was I, and as were the Hippie Stixx.

Be THAT girl at the party and show up prepared for a vibe with Hippie Stixx. Order Today.

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