Cannabis and Convenience: A Tale Part A

Cannabis and Convenience: A Tale Part A


I admit to being old enough to remember a time when a session of pot smoking included, waiting for hours for a subpar, sketchy dealer to come thru and drop off a sack of good greenery, then having to spend an additional 30 minutes to make the exchange; THEN having to venture off another 30+ minutes across the bridge, for the best and nearest munchie food spot, and THEN not to mention the pre preparation to even make the cypher happen…unreal! Times have changed, thankfully. “Back in the day,” which really wasn’t THAT long off, if you really think about it, my girlfriends and I delegated roles; who was going to break down the pot, who was going to roll up, who was going to the store to grab the cigars, yadda, yadda, yadda…and the list of Pot Chores went on…

Now, we exist in a time when we have access to the best gadgets and devices, and smoking accessories, to make our smoking experiences, by far, much simpler, and less work intensive. From super fine grinding herb Grinders, to Joint Rolling Machines, to Herb Stash Boxes, and beyond, we, in the Cannabis industry are doing our part to provide equipment and tools that will provide for straight up simple, easy convenience. At Hippie Stixx Co., we like to take it a step further, by offering both easy convenience, AND bang for your buck, in a stylish and chic way. Hippie Stixx delivers!

A true Hippie Chic should always be prepared and have the easy convenience of all the things necessary to make smoking hassle free. Smoking should be the last thing that’s stressful, and cumbersome. That is exactly why Hippie Stixx Co. is your one stop smoke shop for all the dopest Smoking Accessories, which both enhance your smoke experiences, but deliver straight forward convenience, right to your doorstep. No more endless trips to the store. Simply click, order and collect all the best of top quality Rolling Papers, available in single and multi-packs, top of the line Smoking Accessories from Grinders to Stylish Trays, Eco Friendly Products and the options go on… Making your next session, easy peezy and that much more enjoyable. Having less things to worry about, because Hippie Stixx Co. has got it in the bag, for YOU is how we like to look at it.

A Hippie Chic wants to be able to indulge in her green, kick her feet back, and take it all in. Then exhale. And repeat. We know the drill! Not run around, like a chicken with her head cut off, just to take a moment to herself, or hang out with her girls, or enjoy a 1 on 1 cypher with her babe. Hippie Chics like their smoke sessions, like they like their pot, Grade A and enjoyable, simply put.

I certainly do not miss having to grind my sticky icky by hand, because I never fully got the job done perfectly, myself anyhow. I don’t miss store runs, and task delegation. Life is simpler, this way. That’s what it should be with your Cannabis. Simple convenience.

Tap into convenience.

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