Hippie Stixx Co.'s List of Epic Black Figures in Cannabis

Hippie Stixx Co.'s List of Epic Black Figures in Cannabis

To continue the Black History Month Celebration, we at Hippie Stixx Co. wanted to take the opportunity to highlight our top pics of EPIC Black Figures in Cannabis. Admittedly, while we researched, we quickly confirmed that Black faces within the Cannabis space are few. While there is still a marginal gap in disparities for Black Business Owners in the Cannabis space, we easily created a list of our top picks of Epic Black figures doing seriously cool things within the space sector. Check out Hippie Stixx Co.'s "List of Epic Black Figures in Cannabis:"


Walters Family Farm, South Georgia

Walters Family Farm is an upcoming Grow and Cultivation Company currently in process of opening in South Georgia. It has been interesting to watch this budding company at the early stages of their build, as they maneuver thru the set up of launching a Grow. 


Lizzy Jeff, @zenandkush

Lizzy Jeff is a super dope, unique, highly eccentric music artist and Cannabis Influencer. Known for putting on Live Cannabis infused Performances and promoting self awareness and self love thru Cannabis.


DJ's SPot Sauce, Los Angeles, CA - Atlanta, GA


DJ's SPot Sauce was founded on the West Coast and the sauce has been making its waves across the country ever since. Offered in Non Infused, but the Infused Barbecue Sauce is absolutely where its at for a tasty infused experience.


Virgil Grant, Los Angeles, CA

The Cannabis Activist and Entrepreneur is the CEO of California Minority Alliance & Southern California Coalition. He is continuously doing his part to influence and encouraging Cannabis Entrepreneurship. 



Jasmine Mans, Buy Weed From Women

Jasmine Mans is a Poet and Cannabis Influencer who founded the Buy Weed From Women Apparel Brand, promoting both Cannabis and Women Empowerment.



Hope Weisman, Mary & Main Dispensary Owner - Capital Heights, MD

Hope Weisman is the youngest Black Owned Cannabis Dispensary Owner, making major impact on the Cannabis Industry. 



 Carmen Brace, Aclara Research 

Carmen Brace is changing the way Cannabis Business owners view their businesses via data. Taking Cannabis Business to a whole other wave using data insights to drive Sales and Marketing 


Cannabis Accessories

Mahogany Stylez, Hippie Stixx Co. Founder - Atlanta. GA 

Of course, we couldn't have a list without including our own Founder, Mahogany Stylez, Founder of Hippie Stixx Co., our lifestyle Cannabis Accessories brand who is candidly passionate about help shaping to Cannabis culture. 


We want to take the opportunity to highlight and celebrate these EPIC Black figures in Cannabis. Not just in February, but every month. Thank you for your contributions. 

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