As predicted, Hippie Stixx’s  “2022 Stoner Fest” did not disappoint. It was unequivocally a night of the dopest vibes, encompassed in Entertainment, Conversation, Networking, Laughter and AMAZING energy, and great Cannabis Enthusiasts from all over - all in the names of “420” and “Cannabis.” It is safe to say, Hippie Stixx Co., not only kept our word on providing our Attendees and Participants an expanded experience from 2021 to this year. Not only did we complete that portion of the mission, but are elated to have been able to focus on having Stoner Fest contribute to our greater mission, which is about building a Cannabis Community that promotes empowerment, education and enjoyment. Here, locally in Atlanta and simultaneously from our Virtual Livestream, 2022 Stoner Fest set a new tone for Cannabis Events!


2022 Stoner Fest was JAM-PACKED with ample activities and festivities to engage in. From the various selection of today’s hottest upcoming Brands, the Vendors, including Lingo Crazy Clothing, to CanIGetARefil (Our Feature Alcohol Vendor for the night), to StoneHER Chic, and Bre’s Tee’s, there was certainly plenty to shop. Of course Hippie Stixx Co. formally introduced brand new Products to our existing Collections, not to mention our introduction of our new Hippie Stixx Rolling Paper Multi Pack packaging! (If you’ve been following our Story, then you know Hippie Stixx Co. formally launched at 2021 Stoner Fest, exactly one year prior.)

The plethora of Musical Acts that performed, including Chicago’s own “MVP,” to Tennessee based Artist, Legend JG, to returning Artists like Seymour the Moor, and including special performances by Hippie Stixx Co.’s own CEO, Mahogany Stylez and Special Invited Guests, the MFGz proved to be just the right acts to set the musical vibes for the night. 
The were a cool electric mix of multiple music genres, so no matter what sound you were into, the Artists had something for everybody! 

If you were not in attendance, you missed the personal and intimate energy in the VIP Stoner Lounge, which housed The “Cannabis Talk” Panel featuring Cannabis Advocates, Mat Bishop, JaneLyfe’s own Founder, Rick Heffner, Naked & Afraid Cast Member, Melissa LeEllen and Musician, Jesse Biondi, as well as our “Stoner Fest Comedy Break,”featuring Daniel Dellanno, who had the stoners rolling! 
We can not forget to mention another highlight of the night, a very special appearance, by Streetz 94.5 Own IAmFlyGuyDC, who granted Hippie Stixx Co. an official co sign and came out to connect with the people, and was such great energy to have support the event. We loved when he was encouraging the Audience to engage with the Panelists during the “Cannabis Talk” Panel. Special Shoutout to the one guy who passed his Joint on stage… (Again, you had to be there.) 

To keep things flowing, LIVE Interviews were done by in the Stoner Interactive Media Room, while our Stoner Babes & Hippie Chic Promo Models frolicked the Festival Grounds having a blast with the crowd and encouraging attendees to partake in the #2022StonerFestContest, where a ton of prizes were given away! 

Highly Honorable Mentions for the night (…all the puns intended) include our Silent Head Phone Sessions powered by 4th Season Sounds and our 360 Photo Booth that allowed for our attendees to capture all the dope moments for the evening. 

All in all, we think we’ve further intrigued you guys on who we are, what we offer and how we’re bringing it at Hippie Stixx Co. That said, plans for “2023 Stoner Fest” are already in the works and will surely bring new surprises for next year’s 420 Festival Powered by your favorite Cannabis Accessories Shop, Hippie Stixx Co. Can’t wait to do this all again next year. See you guys there!


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