How Cannabis is Impacting Breast Cancer in 2022

How Cannabis is Impacting Breast Cancer in 2022

While it’s important to continuously spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness, October benchmarks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in a global effort to drive awareness. Breast Cancer Awareness is particularly important to Hippie Stixx Co., as women’s health; overall, is at the core of our beliefs. We know that Cannabis has been used to manage the symptoms of Breast Cancer and combat treatment side effects. As we continue to support the narrative that Cannabis is no longer taboo, it is fairly common for women to be relying on Cannabis for Breast Cancer. Many Breast Cancer patients have reported Cannabis related products had been productive for helping them to manage their pain and symptoms associated with the disease. We want to reiterate, we are
not saying that Cannabis is a cure for Cancer, but a super supportive tool to help manage the ailing symptoms of the Cancer, as well as the pain associated with the treatment, including nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and insomnia, and others.

Here are the 3 Key Takeaways we have discovered surrounding Cannabis and its impact on Breast Cancer in 2022:

1. Positive Responses to Feedback on Cannabis Use for Pain and Symptom Management are trending positively.

Breast Cancer patients are sharing positive responses and feedback surrounding their own personal experiences with Cannabis related products. According to, “About 42% of people diagnosed with breast cancer who completed our survey said they used medical cannabis products to manage breast cancer symptoms or treatment side effects. The people who used medical cannabis ranged in age, cancer stage, and treatment phase, and most (75%) found it to be “very” or “extremely” helpful.” In another article on, in a study done in 2021 of 612 Breast Cancer patients, “three quarters of them said that Cannabis was helpful in alleviating their symptoms.” The article goes on to mention, “Dr. Jordan Tishler, president of the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists and an internist at inhaleMD, told Healthline that the use of cannabis among cancer patients has risen sharply in recent years. It's interesting to watch the scale tip so heavily in the direction of positive feedback in terms of how Cannabis is helping to fight the horrible side effects of Breast Cancer. 

2. Breast Cancer Patients of All Ages are In Tuned with the Cannabis

Women of ALL ages impacted by Breast Cancer are trying Cannabis as a means to manage symptoms and treatment side effects. It’s not just the millennial aged women getting impacted by Breast Cancer, who are turning to the use of Cannabis for symptom and side effect management. Breast Cancer unfortunately and obviously so, isn’t selective about what age group of women it targets, and thus, it's only so that women of all ages are doing what they can to combat their Breast Cancer symptoms through Cannabis use. From inhalation to oils to edibles, women of young and old are tapping into Cannabis as a means to pain and symptom management. According to an article published on, that references a recent survey done at ASCO’s Annual Meeting, in which a doctor shares insights and findings regarding any distinction between any particular age group and their interest in trying Cannabis for pain and treatment symptoms management. It says, “It was interesting to see that cannabis was used by people of all ages, ranging from 27 to 84,” Marisa C. Weiss, MD, director of breast radiation oncology at Lankenau Medical Center and chief medical officer, told Healio. “Older patients were just as likely to be interested and were using it.” We loved this! Breast Cancer does not discriminate, but neither does Cannabis. 

3. The Full Benefit 

What we have discovered on our quest for more current information on what’s what in 2022 surrounding Cannabis and Breast Cancer, one thing stands out for sure - that is, Cannabis is being productive and impactful to fighting a number of symptoms. Those symptoms range from anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, suppressing vomiting, However; it is not clinically proven that Marijuana fights these symptoms any more better than the best drugs available on the market, but what makes things interesting is that Cannabis is able to combat multiple symptoms at a time, where other drugs tend to focus on specific isolated symptoms. Imagine the use of just Cannabis, that helps manage your pain, your nausea, your anxiety, instead of three different drugs for those three individual symptoms, on top of your Treatment medication. Get where we’re going with this…?

To recap, whether smoking Cannabis in Rolling Papers, Smoking out of a Pipe, or using topical CBD Oils, or edibles, Cannabis Use by Breast Cancer patients is certainly showing interesting trends. We’ve discovered that responses to Cannabis’ impact on Pain and Symptoms management is primarily positive, in which the overall consensus is expressing Cannabis to be helpful or very helpful. We also learned that Breast Cancer Patients of all ages are taking advantage of the benefits of Cannabis for Pain and Symptoms management. Lastly, Hippie Stixx Co. tapped into the encompassing extra benefit of leaning on Cannabis during Breast Cancer treatment. 

Hippie Stixx Co. continues to try our best to educate, entice, excite and empower our Hippie Chics in all areas Cannabis focused. In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have partnered with the Young Survivors Coalition in efforts to drive awareness and make a contribution directly to YSC on behalf of Hippie Stixx Co. For every purchase of our Our Hippie Trixx Breast Cancer Limited Edition Gift Set, Hippie Stixx Co. will make a contribution of $5.00 to YSC. Further, to keep the awareness going, you can also make a direct donation to 


Hippie Stixx Co. recommends consulting your doctor or a medical professional for any medical questions surrounding your own individual health and advice.

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