Hit Kit Introduces Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers into the Hit Kit Stashb

Hit Kit Introduces Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers into the Hit Kit Stashbox

Hit Kit is the hottest wave to the Cannabis Accessories niche, incorporating cool high-tech engineering and ingenuity and a mix of 3D printing and CNC Lasering, featuring several cool and even customizable options and designs. Each Hit Kit stashbox is beautifully designed and comes with of all the supplies you’d need for the perfect session, just missing your flower. Most recently, The Hit Kit has partnered with Hippie Stixx Co., and introduced the presence of Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers into their stashbox. That’s right, you’ve read it correctly! Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers are all natural, non-GMO, and can now be found in a Hit Kit stashbox near you! You can find these unique and diversely designed stashboxes online at https://hitkit.us/shop/41874282/stash-boxes

What’s exciting about this partnership is Hit Kit and Hippie Stixx Co. and both accessories supplies shops’ ability to deliver quality cannabis accessories products in one comprehensive kit, to satisfy the needs of both of their customer base. A true partnership made perfectly in the clouds, that is a "win/win" for all involved. Hit Kit is one of the first companies to get involved in taking advantage of Hippie Stixx Co.’s Cannabis Business to Cannabis Business Wholesale Rolling Papers program, which features superbly competitive pricing options, and a slew added values and benefits to meet the need of any fellow Cannabis Business, Smoke Shop or C Suite. If you are a Cannabis Lifestyle Brand, following in the steps of the Hit Kit is sure to be a win for your business.

As the market grows greater demand for products that are truly all natural, and unprocessed, Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers is increasingly becoming a solid solution for supplying Lifestyle Brands, Smoke Shops, Convenient Stores, or C Suite customer’s with top tier quality rolling papers that will only add true brand viability and offers an existing growing demand. Hit Kit recognized the added value to an already amazing product and looked to up the ante on how they could continue to do so, with rolling papers that were all natural, had a solid customer appeal, and there you have it – a budding partnership is formed, and helps to continue to drive the success of Hit Kits’ newly released stashboxes.

Interested to see what the response to the newly released Hit Kit stashboxes, featuring Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers are? Check out what popular Cannabis YouTube Influencer, @Jayblazedd had to say about her Hit Kit stashbox: https://youtu.be/tvEiPODypuc. You heard it from her, the hype is exactly what its supposed to be! The Hit Kit stashbox featuring Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers should be the go-to stashbox of choice, as it features all the convenience, fun, and all natural elements one would need for a perfect nature sesh.

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