The Return of Stoner Fest - A Necessary Event for the Culture

The Return of Stoner Fest - A Necessary Event for the Culture

Before there was an actual company, there was a Founder sitting in the middle of a Global Pandemic, yearning to feel connected to people again, and mulling over ways that were true to her, in order to do so. In the midst of the pandemic, podcasts were launching, Versuz battles were happening, and 420 was approaching. Just like that, the realization hit...the world needed a 420 Event unlike one they had seen before...and thus the "Stoner Fest" was born. The question was... 'What would make this event special, and unlike other 420 events?' As Mahogany (aka "The Founder) mulled over the components that were universal to all stoners; she knew Stoner Fest needed to include Music, Entertainment, a little Stoner Trivia and some Contests to keep things engaging, and maybe even a little Munchie relevance to make things complete. This event needed to truly be for the 420 Culture. Mahogany was determined to bring a bunch of like minded Cannabis enthusiasts together to celebrate the 420 Holiday, which is celebrated globally each year, and contribute to the culture that she recognized was so universal and transcended across every other culture type.  

In its first production, the "1st Annual Stoner Fest" was delivered April 20, 2020 virtually. The event included a multitude of hosts that were engrossed in the Cannabis Culture, Including Influencers, Hosts, Music Artists. The virtual festival was broken down by engaging segments all focused on the ins and outs of Stoner Culture and Marijuana use. It included interactive panels and discussions, Live Music Reviews, Interviews, Polls and even a Munchie Recipe Sharing Segment. What Mahogany wasn't prepared for was the very organic success of the virtual event. She had been so caught up in just how much of a blast Stoner Fest ended up being. It was following the first Stoner Fest, Mahogany really realized the power of what she had created via this event, and what that meant to the Cannabis Culture.

Featured Founder, @mahoganystylez + Musician/Influencer @osupa_sade

In it's next year, the "2nd Annual Stoner Fest," popped April 20, 2021 in an In Person capacity, in Atlanta, Ga and keeping true to its original delivery channel, also a Virtual Live Stream. This time, Stoner Fest not only got to be delivered in person, but was also deemed the official Launch of Hippie Stixx Co., making Hippie Stixx Co. the official Sponsor of the 2nd Annual Stoner Fest. This time, the festival included a Pop Up Shop to highlight some of the hottest Small Business Owners within food, and retail, Live Performances, Cannabis inspired networking and segments, the outdoor Stoner Lounge, and more. While the first in this In Person format for Stoner Fest, again, the event sparked major interest and continued buzz well after the event.

Fast forward to 2022, where life is slowly trying to creep back to normal, and the ability to connect in person is by far way less daunting, Hippie Stixx Co. just announced last week that the "3rd Annual Stoner Fest" returns again for the third year in a row, with major focus on making this 420 festival bigger and better than ever! This year's festival occurs again on Wednesday, 4/20/22, from 8pm-Midnight, in light of the holiday, at a Private location, in West Midtown, Atlanta, that is both Outdoor with Indoor hybrid access. Hippie Stixx Co is committed to elevating the various elements of the event, from their Special Invited Cannabis Influencer Guests, to the Live Performances that will feature Artists of all kinds of musical genres, to the level up on Contests + Giveaways, including the #StonerFest2022 Hashtag Contest, that boasts a major cash giveaway and free products, a jam packed Pop Up Shop, featuring a wider array of retail and food and beverage vendors than before! 

Here's what you need to know about 2022 Stoner Fest:

  • Its a hybrid event. You can participate either In Person, OR from anywhere in the world via the Private Live Stream
  • It's a multi faceted Cannabis festival that has a lot of moving segments, from the Virtual Live Stream, to the Pop Up Shop and all the participating vendors to check out, to the Live Concert, Interactive Panels and Discussions focused on Marijuana culture, legislation, new trends, and more
  • Participate in the #StonerFest2022 Hashtag Contest. Here's the scoop: Post a Pic or Vid to your Social Media Channel, using the #StonerFest2022 and the attendee with the most Likes by the end of the festival gets a chance to win a MAJOR Cash Prize + Free Products. So while you're there celebrating 420 in good vibes, make sure you don't miss your chance at this epic Contest
  • Get the Maximum of out your Stoner Fest festival experience by grabbing yourself a VIP Stoner Lounge Pass, which includes VIP Access to the Indoor Stoner Lounge with exclusive event segments happening here, VIP Goody Bags, and More!
  • Dress Code: Trendy and Comfortable, Best Festival Style Attire. There will be additional Contest focused on Best Cannabis Attire
  • Get your tickets in advance! This event will absolutely sell out fast, as its being considered one of the most highly anticipated events of the year! Tickets are more cost efficient in advance, and will be higher at the door, on the day of. To get your tickets, Visit:

For More Information on the "3rd Annual Stoner Fest" Visit:

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