Top Canna Trends 2023

Top Canna Trends 2023

8 am on a Saturday morning. Swisher, Dutch, Backwood, Grape Game. Two, Four, Six, Eight EMPTY cigarillo packs, and not one to spare for MJ to roll her morning wood. According to, Honest Marijuana Co, “When it comes to consuming cannabis, you now have more options than ever before. That makes it hard to recognize the “best” form of consumption, especially since new ways to consume marijuana are popping up every day.(

“Hmmmm '' She thought to herself. She did have a pack of rolling papers on hand that she bought from the Hippie Stixx Co. pop up shop she attended over the weekend. 

MJ usually doesn't roll paper planes, but Hippie Stixx Co. had her reconsidering. 

After all, there are quite a few benefits. 

  • It’s an obvious healthier smoking alternative. Hippie Stixx Rolling Papers are all natural and Non-GMO. She’s tired of feeling like a chimney after each session. 
  • They deliver a super smooth smoke. Leaving your experience free of any harshness in pull. 
  •  And let us not forget how slow burning they are. No more honey on the blunt!

It’s safe to say it was love at first joint for Mary. She was actually so allured by her smoking experience. She couldn't help but run over to the Hippie Stixx site to check out what other accessories she could purchase to add to her stash. Quite a few other products had caught her eye over the weekend that she had to check out. In a more recent article produced by Brightminds Group, “Cannabis accessories is a more appealing product type that we expect to boom in 2021. Lower barriers to entry and normalization of cannabis have led this trend - as well as the overwhelming power of a capitalist society. Cannabis accessories for women have been particularly popular - as their usage has increased, so has a need for smoking accessories.” Thus, Hippie Stixx Co. apparently seems to be the go to solution for just the right Cannabis Accessories catered to the female enthusiasts.
Mary was stoked to see Hippie Trixx Gravity Bongs in stock. She had only seen videos of them being used by her fave influencers online. She quickly scheduled an in store demo in hopes of purchasing one of her own.


She also added not one but two Hippie Fits to her cart. Why not ? She’s obsessed with cute, comfy leisurewear. Mary loves a good BOGO when she comes across one. 

To finish off her retail therapy, Mary subscribed to Hippie Stixx Co. Monthly Subscription Box, Hippie Kits. She had to secure her monthly canna accessory goodie bag, so that she’s never caught lacking again. Elevated luxury smoking experiences from here on out! 

Don’t walk, RUN on over to to heighten your next canna experience too!  

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