Wake and Bake

Wake and Bake

Wake and Bake!” We have all heard this phrase before. At least, all the real stoner’s have heard this before…But what does it come from and why does it happen? The “wake” part is obvious, whereas “bake” refers to the slang word for feeling high. It helps us get out of bed in the morning, setting you up for greatness, ready to take on the world after smoking marijuana first thing after waking up.

“Waking and baking” is an essential practice as it mediates the mind and rejuvenates the body from stress. For instance, waking up cranky in the morning, then discovering that bomb flower sitting on the kitchen counter alongside your Hippie Trixx “Her Royal Highness” mug. Stuffing your flower, and igniting your morning from that intake that first puff grants you, then boom, you are Up and at ‘em. 

The highness is even more potent when we wake and bake. The effects of consuming cannabis right after waking up includes starting the day in a positive mood, chances of a productive day ahead, depending on your strain of choice, and enhanced appetite during the most important meal of the day. ::Inserts Chocolate Chip Muffin here.:: 

The combination of coffee and canna goods balances a mellow effect to the human body.  According to Leafly, since both THC and caffeine are metabolized by the same liver enzyme, Dr. Meirovici said there is “It would seem like there is a much more potential for interaction (desired and undesirable) if consuming coffee and any edible forms of cannabis.” 

What better way to ‘Wake and Bake’ than using our essential, super trendy Hippie Trixx “STONER SISTERS” and “HER ROYAL HIGHNESS” Mugs!

What’s the hype over these new additions to our Hippie Trixx Collection? Well…besides being super cute looking and giving LIFE to your desk, check out some of the other benefits of our favorite new adds:

  • Pipe & Mug in One

  • Make AMAZING Gifts for one’s favorite Hippie Chic

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Comes in Cute & Convenient Gift Box

Let’s “Wake and Bake” in style, shall we? 

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