What’s the right “IT” Factor to become a 2023 Hippie Stixx Co. Brand Ambassador

What’s at stake here? A chance at a $5K Brand Ambassador Contract with Hippie Stixx Co., Your Premier Cannabis Accessories Shop, “Home of the Rolling Papers,” and surely you’re already claiming your right to first place, because surely you’ve got the “IT,” factor right?

Well if you haven’t already heard, Hippie Stixx Co. is actively preparing to secure their next batch of 2023 Brand Ambassadors in a Brand Ambassador Casting Recruitment Competition that’s taking the game to a whole other level for upcoming Models, Influencers, Socialites, who are ready to bring their A Game to represent this disruptive Black owned, woman owned Cannabis Accessories lifestyle brand. We are on the hunt for the next faces to represent our Luxury Lifestyle Cannabis brand. Our next batch of Brand Ambassadors will compete for the chance to be a Featured Brand Representative, including in Promotional Shoots, Promotional Commercials, Promotional Events, and of course a PAID Contract! The next generation of Cannabis Lifestyle Brand Reps and Influencers, who are excited and committed to helping us "Shape the Future of Cannabis." But do you have what is takes? And to understand that you have to know what Hippie Stixx Co. is seeking in their next faces of the brand.

Let us help you break it down...

To start we should maybe share what we’re NOT looking for….

Not Just another pretty face. We’re looking for individuals that can be uniquely themselves and yet representative of a wide array of our very diverse audience. Our Hippie Chics come in all ethnicities, shapes, walks of life and flavor, but they are all connected by their love of cannabis use.

Not Shy or overly reserved. Hippie Stixx Co. Brand Ambassadors have to be loud and proud and connecting on their channels to spread the awareness on the Hippie Stixx Co. Brand

Not able to attend the In Person Hippie Stixx Co. Casting Call + Pop Up Experience Saturday, January 14, 2023 in Metro Atlanta GA

If you meet those 3 Minimum Requirements, you’re already cooking with gas… (Did you catch that…? ) Now that we’ve discussed those, here’s a list of 10 “IT” factors we’re looking for from this coming year’s 2023 Brand Ambassadors:

"10 IT factors we’re looking for from this coming year’s 2023 Brand Ambassadors:" 

10. Happy and excited to represent a lifestyle Cannabis Accessories brand, as our product line includes everything from All Natural Rolling Papers to Grinders, Pipes, Filters Tips, Rolling Trays to Pre Roll Cones to Leisurewear apparel and def more.

9. Be positive, upbeat, and willing to bring only good vibes to the opportunity

8. Be ready to participate in Promotional Photoshoots, Commercials, Brand Events and represent the Hippie Stixx Co. Brand like a true Hippie Chic

7. Bring confidence, poise, high energy to the Casting Event and every time you’re representing the Hippie Stixx Co. Brand

6. Help drive the Hippie Stixx Co. Brand mission and creative vision

5. Willingness to Market, Promote and Sell the Hippie Stixx Product Line, Mission, Vision and Value

4. Willingness to be your bold unique self

3. Ability to connect with our audience through a number of channels on all things Hippie Stixx Co.

2. Be professional, kind, courteous

1. STAND OUT! It’s a lot on the line here, $5k that is!

Excited yet? We’re feeling like we’ve prepared you for exactly what to bring to show that “IT” factor and be selected as a 2023 Hippie Stixx Co. Brand Ambassador. What we forgot to mention is that First Place Winner will receive a $5K Contract, 2nd Place winner will receive a $1K Contract, and 3rd Place will receive $5000 + All the Perks & Benefits that come along!

To RSVP to attend the In Person 2023 Brand Ambassador Casting Call + Pop Up Experience today:

Note: Only regional contestants able to make the In Person Casting Event will be considered for moving through the competition.

READY TO RSVP To the 2023 Hippie Stixx Co. Brand Ambassador Casting Call, happening in Atlanta, GA, Saturday, January 14th, 2023? We cant wait to see your IT factor!.


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