Why Women are Owning Cannabis Culture

Why Women are Owning Cannabis Culture

A major observation that simply cannot be overlooked, regarding women becoming a larger part of the Cannabis Culture and Market Share, particularly Post Legalization & its Mainstream integration, is the fact that women are turning to Cannabis for all of its Health & Wellness attributes. These benefits after all, include reducing stress, relieve anxiety, reducing inflammation, managing Chronic Pains, enhancing sleep quality, and preventing nausea.

In a time when women are empowered to work on being the best versions of themselves, Mind, Body and Spirit, we are becoming increasingly savvier in finding and using tools, and support, Free Shipping, and a Discount Promo Codes, even, to help us make all this magic happen. And Cannabis has become just that, a lovely earth gem that counters ailments, that supports relaxation, creativity, and enhanced eating and cultural experiences, it’s a no brainer that us women are fully tapping into Cannabis and the lifestyle that comes with, for this very reason, itself. Women are statistically proving to be not only in favor of Marijuana Legalization, but also its use, taking up 61 % women being in favor. We aren’t here to peer pressure at all, but ‘Everybody’s doing it.’ No- really, everybody’s doing it.

The taboo has since eased up. Buying Pot in a sketchy neighborhood, trying to score a dime bag is just no longer necessary…Thank God! From Delivery Services to Dispensaries available, conveniently, morning, noon, late night or even 24 hours, ultimately the Green Goddess is more available to us Estrogen driven Influencers, right at our pretty little manicured fingertips, more now than ever.

What’s even more noticeable is the fact that women are, even in the midst of a Global Pandemic, busier more than ever; from juggling Zoom Meetings to juggling careers, kiddos and partners, women are steady on the look out for an opportunity to “Zen out,” to capture a moment in time, that is just all ours, just for us. And duh, clearly the secret is out…Cannabis is key to creating those epic simple moments, in any mix up or mash up fashion that we chose.

There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home, from a hard day at the office, after listening to Erin, (your Desk buddy) tell you about how her boyfriend dropped the ball for the umpteenth time, all day, between calls from cranky clients and a Boss who can’t seem to wrap her head around how you haven’t caught up to your workload, that she endlessly keeps adding to, to shut out the world, and just woosah. The icing on the cake is pouring yourself that glass of your favorite wine, reaching into nightstand and pulling out those perfect few joints you had left from the weekend. Inhale. Exhale… and there it is…all of the frenzy drifts away and the moment is yours. Yes, we, Hippie Chics have it going on these days! Thus our need for simple, convenient escapes are essential. We’re all about that self-care. We’re all about creating just the right vibe, that is all our own…and it never hurts to look cute and comfy while you do so.


Here’s a Cute, Simple and Fun "Smokercize" to Set the Vibe:

  1. Light your favorite incense or Essential Oil Burner
  2. Roll up 2-3, (or however many suits your vibe) of our Hippie Stixx King Wide Large Rolling Papers with the infamous Pink Filter Tips, stuffed with your preferred strain of flowers
  3. Make a new playlist, based on your current mood
  4. Jot down how you’re feeling in the moment on a random sheet of paper, just a quick few thoughts
  5. Fold up the paper and tuck it in a box.
  6. Repeat Steps 1-5 for a Set Period of Time of your choosing
  7. After a period of time, roll up a few Hippie Stixx King Wide Large Rolling Papers, and go thru the box of thoughts for a moment of Reflection.

This Smokercize is a good way to reflect on your growth and evolution, relax and unwind, and partake and enjoy the hottest and newest slow burning, unbleached Rolling Papers, made of Arabic Gum, just for us Hippie Chics.

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