About Us

Hey to all of our Hippie Chics! We are Hippie Stixx Co. We are your Premiere Cannabis Accessories Shop. Our Mission is to disrupt the Cannabis Accessories Market, in a way that specifically caters to the Female Smoke Enthusiast, to educate, excite, entice, and empower. Further, our mission is to provide a luxe lifestyle brand that is a comfort zone, safe space, and inviting pocket, in which our customers may dwell, offering top of the line, eco friendly products and heightened Cannabis Experiences.



How do we envision the future? We envision Hippie Stixx as a brand at the forefront of the Cannabis Accessories Market, in a space that drives customer satisfaction, first, premium product experiences, and don’t forget, female empowerment.

Our focus is on our customers, Smoke and Cannabis enthusiasts, that want to be a part of a lifestyle, that endorses women's empowerment, and Cannabis, as a culture.